All waste types covered by six-wheeler and eight-wheeler waste removal vehicles

We offer a selection of different grab hire services, depending on your needs. We have two different sizes of vehicle collecting two main types of waste, so you can always get the right waste removal option for your project or site:

The Vehicles:

  • Six-wheeler:

    Load capacity of 6m3 when measured in the ground, or 27m3 at 200mm deep – the equivalent of two six-yard skips

  • Eight-wheeler:

    Load capacity of 8m3 when measured in the ground, or 32m3 at 200mm deep – the equivalent of two eight-yard skips

Please Note:

Both our grabber vehicles require working clearance of 3m x 3.5m x 9m, and should be placed in an area that can support their weight (up to 32 tonnes)

The waste types:

  • Hardcore waste:

    Bricks, tiles, concrete, ceramics or hardcore mix only

  • Inert waste:

    All hardcore waste types, plus soil, clays, sub-soil and top-soil

Please Note:

As well as these two regular types of waste, we can provide bespoke services for collecting any type of waste. Pricing for these is decided on a job-by-job basis: get in touch with our team for details.

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